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Due to various personal reasons, this LiveJournal is going semi-friends only. I'll still be posting the occasional public post, but most of my more personal posts will be locked to those on my friends list.

If you'd like to read these and I in some way know you, please comment or send me an email with your LJ username and how we know one another and I will be happy to add you.

Thank you!

(Not withstanding that this is coming from Fox News, of course.)

Anyone Need a Website

In an effort to get my newest venture off the ground, I need to build up a bit of a portfolio, as well as test out my code and all that fun stuff. So I'm offering for the first, oh, four people, a completely free website done on any one of those templates. All I ask in return is that you let me link to it from the site (which means more exposure for your site!) and provide me with any feedback you think might be useful.

I don't mind if it ends up at a subdomain or on a free host (provided that host will run PHP scripts, or the sites won't work), or even if it never gets any real use. Of course, I'd also love to get you set up with a real site to help your own business get off the ground or get you exposure on some other project.

Because this is free, I'm going to limit these projects to a maximum of five pages. If you need more than that, I'll have to charge my per-page fee (though you'll get waived the one time set up fee and get your first five pages for free, so it's still a good deal!).

I'd prefer to do these for my friends, but since most of you are pretty net-savvy yourselves, feel free to pass this along to friends of your own. But this offer is only good for the first three people!

To make sure you get this deal, fill out the order form and put in the promo code: ljfree


My Hood Makes the News Again

Five Alarm Blaze

This is about maybe 4-5 blocks from my house, whee. I can see the plume of smoke from my window. It's just the other side of the shopping plaza behind me.

Apparently the smoke is toxic, so I've shut all the windows. At least the wind is blowing the other way.

Music Me

So the good thing is that we're allowed to listen to our iPods at work. The bad thing is that after listening to it for about 7 hours, 5 days a week, I'm already getting sick of my current library of almost 2500 songs.

So I turn to you, loyal reader, looking for some suggestions for new music discoveries. Work is the perfect time to listen to new music, since it takes enough focus to keep me from getting bored, but not so much that I mess up my work.

What I LikeCollapse )

But I'm not limiting you to those. Anything fun, different, musically or lyrically interesting, or just that caught your attention and you don't know why - drop me a line with the artist and song name and I'll see if I can find it. Even suggestions for stuff that was popular back in the day but has since faded into obscurity (eg. Walking on the Sun, Save the Best for Last, Black Velvet, etc.).

I should also mention that I might be using less than 100% legal means to procure some of these songs, so if you are particularly against me doing so with your recommendations, please make note of that.

You can comment on my LJ, my Facebook wall (or answer the Q on my Facebook page), or even do the old fashioned thing and send me an email (or, gasp, even talk to me directly).

Meme: But Where Would I Spend It?


Meme - Why Not.


Just a real quick update to say: We got the house!

We sign officially tomorrow, but everything is basically locked in as of now, we just have to finalize and send back the offer and give over the deposit.

I'll probably update more later with some house details in a friends-locked post.

Brief Updates

Just a short one since I'm really wiped from another whirlwind day, but for the few of you still playing along at home, thought I'd mention that we've put in another offer on a place and it seems much more likely to be the real thing this time, since it's not another instance of a multiple offer situation.

As far as I understand it, since our offer is in first, they're legally obligated to deal with us until either 8 pm tomorrow or we mutually decide to stop negotiations. So even if they do get a second offer in early tomorrow, they have to come back to us and give us a shot at matching it. I could be wrong, but I think that's how it works, anyway.

Anyway, will probably give more details later on if I'm a little less tired tomorrow night after we get done in the city. And by then we should know either way if we got it.

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